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A 6-month foolproof program combining the science of functional labs and soul of nervous system re-training designed to raise resilience and increase mental fortitude in determined women. 


You used to be able to “handle” life, and now it feels like even the smallest things send you over the edge. You have faint memories of a woman that was strong, calm, and adventurous- she could confidently tackle life’s challenges and not only show up for herself, but those around her too. But that’s not who you see in the mirror anymore.


You’ve talked to your doctor just to hear all your labs look “normal” and were offered a prescription that just didn’t feel right. You’ve spent hours searching your symptoms on Google and more money than you would like to admit on supplements and fad diets in hopes for a change, but have continued to come up short...


You could ditch your "supplement graveyard" and all of the time and emotional energy spent googling symptoms, and find out exactly what your body needs to thrive.

You were able to remain calm and focused during difficult moments of your day and then move on without lingering stress in your mind + body.

You felt good enough to scale whatever mountain was calling you and finally go on the adventures and start the projects that you’ve been dreaming about.

You had ability to adapt to challenges, maintain stamina and strength, and recover quickly and efficiently from stressful or high capacity days.           

 I started this program a broken woman. I had crippling fatigue, chronic headaches, and two weeks out of every month was robbed from me by horrendous PMS. I literally dragged myself through life and was always surprised at the end of the day that “I made it”. I had spent 4 years self diagnosing and thousands of dollars on supplements and diet changes that got me nowhere but worse. This program changed my life. I no longer have headaches, my PMS is manageable and my fatigue is a fraction of what it used to be. I feel empowered through the support Christina gave me on this journey. She loved and cared for me when I was unable to love and care for myself. 

- Leslie Wright


Christina Pann is a Holistic Nutritionist and creator of The Science & Soul Method. 

She has been in practice for 8 years and has helped countless women (and a few men) get to the root of their symptoms and step into the healthiest season of their lives using her customized approach.


Christina graduated with honors from Bauman College

and completed several advanced courses in Functional Medicine by Dr Datis Kharazzian including: Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Mastering Brain Chemistry, The Neuroendocrine Immunology of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, and Food Allergies & Sensitivities in the New Millennium. 

She spent time as an active member of the Kresser Institute's Adapt Academy, a vibrant community of Functional Medicine practitioners studying up to date research and topics in Functional Medicine.

Christina completed a business and clinical development program with Dr. Michelle Rogers inside of the Wellth Mentorship and as an alumni was asked to come on as a support coach. Alongside her own practice, she is currently helping to mentor other practitioners to change the world through functional medicine. 

Portrait of Christina Pann sitting on a stool



Functional Blood Chemistry // Blood + Urine

Unlike conventional blood analysis, which uses broad reference ranges to diagnose a disease, FBC utilises ‘functional’ ranges in order to determine disease risk and identify sub-clinical health problems long before they manifest as full-blown disease. We process up to 125 individual bio-markers for a deep analysis of your health including but not limited to; blood sugar regulation, cardiovascular risk, electrolyte function, nutrient deficiencies , liver & gallbladder function, kidney function, thyroid function, inflammation, hydration status, immune system function, and more. View Sample report here.



Comprehensive Functional Stool Analysis // Stool 

The Gut Zoomer assesses bacteria, yeast, viruses, and parasites in the gut microbiome, alongside relevant digestive and inflammatory markers. The panel measures hundreds of species of microbes at once, providing the most comprehensive digestive health test on the market. View sample report here. 


Sex & Adrenal Hormones // Urine + Saliva

The Dutch Plus is a comprehensive hormone test that measures sex and adrenal hormones and their metabolites (breakdown products) in your body. It offers valuable insights into menstrual cycle irregularities, infertility, weight gain, fatigue, PMS, and peri + post-menopausal symptoms. The test also measures cortisol levels throughout the day, which can give insights into your stress response, adrenal health, and sleep patterns. View sample report here.


Heavy Metals // Urine

The Heavy Metals panel tests for exposure to harmful heavy metals and elements such as arsenic, lead, mercury and more. Heavy metals can be found in all regions of the United States and can accumulate in air, soil, drinking and groundwater sources. Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity may include but are not limited to; fatigue, mood swings, skin rashes, sleep problems, GI issues, headaches, and more.

View sample report here.


Mycotoxins // Urine

The Mycotoxins panel measures levels of mycotoxins produced by common molds stemming from both dietary and environmental sources. Common symptoms include severe allergies, autoimmunity, joint pain + muscle stiffness, frequent infections, brain fog, shortness of breath, mood disorders, skin rashes, and more. View sample report here.


Environmental Toxins // Urine 

The Environmental Toxins panel measures levels of environmental toxins, both man-made or that occur naturally in the environment. These can cause acute or chronic toxic overload when absorbed, inhaled, or ingested. If you were diagnosed with or suspect multiple chronic inflammatory conditions, resistance to weight loss, or signs of toxic burden, this test can be especially helpful! Other common symptoms include fatigue, chronic burning in the throat, dizziness, sleep disturbances, and more. 

View sample report here. 


Women are resilient by nature. 

We are the souls’ of our families and communities. 

We are feelers and can discern more than the eye can see.  

We are deep wells of wisdom and through our strength and tenderness, we nurture the world .


But over time, prolonged periods of stress, trauma, and imbalances in the body chip away at that resilience until we are teetering on the edge of burnout. 

Our bodies cry out for refreshing in the form of chronic and confusing symptoms and we feel robbed of our ability to do the things we love and adapt to the ever-changing terrain of our lives. 


That is why I created the Science & Soul Method.


My 6-month signature program provides all of the testing, education, 1-1 support, and customized diet and supplement protocols you have been looking for – all geared towards helping you reclaim your resilience and the freedom to live life on your terms- not your symptoms. 


With the inclusion of four functional laboratory tests covering every system and function of the body, we receive the blueprint on your health and identify exactly where you body needs support- eliminating the need for guesswork. 


The Science & Soul method is a holistic approach and was created with the understanding that behind every resilient woman is a well-balanced nervous system. With the use of targeted herbs, lifestyle modifications, and healing rituals- you will learn to find your calm and tap into the state you were designed to live the majority of your life; rest.

Are you ready?

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Y O U R   R O A D M A P 

Step 1: Science & Soul for your Diet

We want your food to be apart of the solution, not apart of the problem. This is where you will be embarking on a customized 30-day RESET to ensure you’re eating the right foods for YOU. Your RESET will help you identify food sensitivities and intolerances, balance blood sugar, lower inflammation, and decrease toxic load. We will go over the effects food timing and combining has on your nervous system, rituals that will help optimize your digestion, and set you on a life-long path of intentional eating. 

Step 2: Science & Soul for your Nervous System

Your nervous system determines whether you are in a state of healing or survival, it plays a role in nearly every aspect of our health and well-being. Today, so many women have a nervous system that is stuck in fight or flight and are consequently living off of stress hormones- creating a whole host of symptoms from chronic anxiety, insomnia, IBS, hormonal deregulation, and more. Re-calibrating the nervous system and sending signals of safety to the body is a crucial step for healing and longevity. We will use a combination of lifestyle and herb/nutrient support to optimize your stress response and sleep/wake cycle, support your adrenal health, and shift to responding with compassion instead of criticism when your body over-reacts to real or perceived stressors. 

Step 3: Science & Soul for your Gut

Using your lab results as our guide, we will move you through a multi-phase protocol to address inflammation and microbial imbalance, eliminate digestive distress, and ensure you are digesting your food and absorbing nutrients optimally. Our goal is to not only address current GI symptoms, but to increase your oral tolerance and resilience in the gut so you an enjoy as many foods as possible without consequence. 

Step 4: Science & Soul for Detoxification 

Cumulative exposures to toxins can wear down your resilience by making you more susceptible to chronic disease while accelerating aging and over-burdening your detoxification systems.  In this step we use your lab results to identify sources of exposure, go over how to minimize risk, and targeted support for reducing your toxic load and enhancing your drainage and detox pathways, as well as daily strategies for living a detox lifestyle. 

Step 5: Science & Soul for Resilience 

Now that you experiencing new levels of health in your mind + body, it’s time to level up and increase your bodies ability to adapt through measured doses of “healthy stress.” Your body is constantly trying to maintain homeostasis, and by disrupting that balance in short and targeted ways and allowing for proper recovery, your body is forced to become stronger and more resilient in order to maintain balance in a changing environment. The strategies you will learn in this step will increase your ability to maintain stamina and strength and remain calm and focused when faced with challenges. 


Portrait of Christina Pann

Do you have the desire to grow in knowledge about how to nourish your body holistically so you can feel empowered to be an active participant in your healing?

Are you ready to confront your physical and emotional health directly and face whatever has been holding you back?

Are you self motivated and ready to carve out the time it will take to focus on your healing? 

Does the S&S Method feel like an aligned fit for you and do you have peace in your spirit about moving forward?

If you said YES to these questions, you are exactly where you're supposed to be!

  • Where do I take the tests included in the program?
    After your first visit, you will recieve a welcome box in the mail that will include all SIX of your tests. 5/6 tests are kits that you perform at home and mail back to the lab with a pre-paid shipping label. The blood test is the only test done outside of the home and is performed at your nearest Lab Corp.
  • Do you take insurance?
    No. Working with insurance greatly limits the test options and amout of personalized care I can offer my clients.
  • What happens after the program ends?
    I will send you off with a clear maintenance plan to sustain your progress. Should you need to extend our time together past the length of the program, there are several options that will be made available to you as well as an option for yearly wellness check-ins to continue a pro-active and preventative apporach to your health.
  • What conditions do you support?
    While my approach focuses on supporting the foundational systems of the body as a whole as opposed to isolated symptoms and systems, I have seen enormous success in serving women with thyroid and adrenal dysfunction, PMS, PCOS, and irregular cycles, anxiety and panic disorder, food sensitivities, SIBO, Candida, IBD, and IBS diagnoses, skin conditions like acne, chronic hives, and eczema, weight loss resistance, insomnia, blood sugar dysregulation, and chronic fatigue.
  • Do you work with men or children?
    I do work with men on a case by case basis if they are a good fit for this program- feel free to apply! I do not work with children.
  • Do you guarantee results?
    Absolutely not. I 10000% believe in this approach and in your body's ability to heal, however every person is different and I would be foolish to speak in absolutes when it comes to the human body. I have however watched countless women experience massive improvements in their health, and often full resolution of symptoms in this program.
  • Do you offer tests not included in the program?
    Yes! I will recommend testing for mold or heavy metal toxicity, Lyme disease, EBV, and more if suspected.
  • How much is the program?
    There are slight variations based on your individual testing needs, I recommend applying and scheduling a discovery call for a precise quote.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
  • Can I work with you outside of the program?
    I work with clients outside of the program model only on a case by case basis. If you want to hear if there are other options available to you, please book a Discovery Call.
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