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Portait of Christina Pann


Functional Nutritionist 

The Science & Soul Academy was created because I know what it’s like to completely lose my ability to adapt and handle even the smallest stressors of daily life.

After years of prolonged stress and trauma, I experienced what most would describe as a “nervous breakdown.”

I wasn’t running down the street naked or experiencing psychosis- not in the least. My mind was completely intact and embedded in reality.


My body however began producing an inordinate amount of stress hormones interpreting almost every environment and situation as a dangerous one.

This constant influx of cortisol and adrenaline left me unable to sleep, eat, or function at any normal capacity. It felt as if I was having a panic attack 24-7 for months on end with no reprieve. 

I experienced severe tachycardia, weight loss, GI dysfunction, eczema, hair loss, insomnia, and more. It was hard to even take out the garbage without my heart racing and body shaking. My world became smaller and smaller and All I could do was the bare minimum to keep my life afloat and survive. 


I knew what got me to this place and as much as I hated how my body was limiting my ability to show up for my family and friends and do the things I loved – I didn’t blame myself. We all have a breaking point, and after all the hard life my body had carried me through, I lost my ability to cope. 

Despite it all, I knew my body could heal, and I was determined to reclaim my resilience. I got to know my nervous system on a deep and intimate level and began sending it signals of safety with every breath, move, and bite. It felt like a re-birth as I navigated having to re-learn how to do almost everything in a way that my nervous system could manage, and surrender to the highs and lows of healing. 


This journey didn’t lead me back to my “old self.” Through vulnerability, discipline, connection, and intentionality- I was given something better. A woman tested by fire; confident in who she is, connected to her body and her purpose, and equipped with the tools to confidently face life’s challenges.


I am in awe at what my body has overcome- I have my life back. I feel strong, calm, and energized. I have more stamina than I ever thought possible and have shifted out of survival mode and into a place where I have the margin to dream and create a life I love. 


Healing continues to come full circle as I partner with dozens of women on their own journey to reclaiming their resilience. Using the knowledge and tools that rebuilt my life from the ashes, I have poured my heart and soul into this space and everything I offer in the S&S Academy, I hope you feel that. 

If you’re wanting more for your life, or feel like the “old you” is slipping through your fingertips like sand, you’re in the right place. On the other side of healing is a powerful woman ready to take on the world and I would love to help introduce you to her. 




Christina xox 

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